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Software Development

Smartlife Labs specialises in custom software development around connected devices that are controlled and managed using high-quality web and mobile software.

Smartlife Labs is a software development company with high-velocity full-stack and mobile development teams. We have developed complex solutions for internal and external projects.   

Custom Solutions for Startups and Enterprises

Our app developers provide services from product conceptualisation to ongoing development services. Being a full-stack IoT software development company, we build custom applications specific to our clients. As a reliable app development partner, we consider security as an integral part of hardware design and app development.


Software Development Services by Smartlife Labs

We offer general and IoT software development services for companies looking to rapidly expand. We build web and mobile applications that connect users, devices, and information. Hire our 5-star rated IoT software development company today.

Industry-Focused IoT App Development

Smartlife Labs provides a specialist set of quality software solutions at a competitive rate, with no compromise on quality. Bringing together an international team of experienced professionals, we ensure you get the best results from your software development budget. By combining a New Zealand based management and support team to work directly with you and liaise with our offshore team we make sure that you receive the solutions you need, just the way you want. Talk to us now to see how we can help.

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Why invest in IoT software development?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea from the future: connecting devices to a computer network to make them "intelligent" and interlinked. These connections allow us to collect and exchange data, control devices or set a device's rules of action remotely. IoT makes life easier for humans in their daily activities.

 As this may be the first picture people see thinking about IoT development, there’s more to that. From manufacturing and logistics, to fintech and healthcare, brands will make more use of IoT than ever before.

 In the next decade, the number of deployed IoT devices worldwide will double. Companies who invest in IoT software development, can see the biggest returns as there are still many untapped possibilities.

  • Smartlife Labs simplifies your software development whilst minimising cost and management stress.

  • We can help you to reduce costs, accelerate time to market and take advantage of external expertise.

  • We are flexible. Use Smartlife Labs as an added resource to bring forward timelines to meet your commercial objectives, to easily reduce costs as the project moves into maintenance mode or to better fit seasonal revenues.

Contact Smartlife Labs to build
the right product
with the right team

We will help you to manage requirements, make a detailed hardware-software integration roadmap, and implement the best development practices from the very initial prototyping stage to the mass production phase.