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Smartlife Labs

Creating an easy-to-use integrated IoT platform 

Designing Smart Technology Solutions to help address humanity’s most significant challenges


Smartlife Platform is the only fully-featured cloud-based platform supporting IoT, Smart Home, Commercial Automation and Smart devices designed for mass deployment and incremental upgrade.

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Why Smartlife Labs?

Our secure cloud platform is designed for large-scale professional deployment of solutions to manage and control homes, buildings, farms and public infrastucture. 

The platform manages the essential information for each location and integrates with the widest variety of access control, security, electrical control and sensors.

Smartlife Connect unifies energy management, home & commercial automation and creates a foundation for machine learning at scale.

The comprehensive cloud-based platform has been developed over the last 5 years and is well proven in applications from large scale smart home and commercial automation, family care, care facilities, and energy management.

We offer an array of energy solutions for buildings, businesses, and utilities to utilise IoT and smart products to enable efficient energy consumption locally, nationally and globally.



Smart Applications


Smart Energy

Help save energy, money, and the planet. Smartlife Energy optimises energy usage throughout homes and businesses and provides smart grid control to utilities.



IoT Platform

Rapidly deploy IoT solutions at scale. Easy to use, integrated smart systems for homes and businesses, giving people access to the benefits of technology whilst removing complexity.



Family Care Platform

Smart monitoring, control with integrated security, and nurse call for facilities.

Providing support for loved ones residing in their own homes, keeping people together even when they are apart.


eco Smart Home Platform

Explore how you can offer integrated energy management, heating and cooling, EV charging, smart solar with your homes.

Integrated security sensors for occupancy detection, CCTV, and voice deterrence. 

Integrated entertainment control.

Fully brandable under your brand. 


Commercial Automation

Optimise energy usage, control your HVAC, lighting,  board rooms, huddle rooms. Integrated security, access control, CCTV,  and automation help you work smarter.

Commercial, retail, industrial. 




Affordable, easy to install and simple to operate, Smartlife AgriTech Solutions provide powerful integrated monitoring of energy, security, water, soil and more.

Built with you in mind

Easiest way to deploy IoT

Quick setup

Everything you need to operate efficiently, sell more, and grow your business.

Easy to use

You can easily view, analyse and share valuable information for various operations.


The Web App portal allows installers and systems integrators to easily configure the system from anywhere.

How are we different?

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smartlife connect app

Our approach

An IoT platform bridges the gap between device sensors and data networks. It provides an insight into the data used in the backend application. An IoT platform is a set of components that allows developers to spread out the applications, remotely collect data, secure connectivity, and execute sensor management.



Platform Benefits

The Web App can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users, enabling different people to be working collaboratively on a project.


Multi Location

  • Dashboards can include data from multiple locations. 
  • Sensors, controls, security, access control, CCTV.
  • Check lists, procedures and information in one system.


  • LoRaWAN, WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, KNX, Modbus. 
  • Monitoring, control, notifications, logic across multiple protocols and devices.
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Logic engine

  • One system enables interoperability and logic to access and operate across all equipment.
  • Get the connected devices to talk to each other, automate manual tasks.
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Notification Engine

  • Can create different alert levels on mobile phone or sound other sirens. 
  • Notification escalation. Manage alerts from security alarms and sensors with in-App notifications and Chat.

Remote configuration

  • Web based system enables configuration and new features can be configured remotely by the appropriate level tech.
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In-App Branding

  • Full white label App and platform re-branding options.

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