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Family Care Platform

Our software integrates with the latest technology to help Care providers to deliver the best possible outcomes for their customers and their families.

Built with you in mind

Smartlife Labs team has designed and developed a platform to help care for people whenever they are:


Solutions for Retirement Villages, Dementia, Blind and Low Vision, Nurse call providers.

Complete integrated platform-  door control lighting control, HVAC control for common areas + Smart Independent Living Units, Apartments and Care facilities. Dashboard passive monitoring and notifications.

Partnerships with Tech Solutions Teams to make it easy to control TVs and to deliver integrated results with Alexa, Facebook Portal and to enable them to connect with friends and family. 


Easy to use

Smartlife is the easiest way to care for your loved ones wherever they are.

Commercial operators love the powerful templates that allow mass deployment but also supports individual upgrades and configuration from the easy-to-use web app. 


Retirement Villages and care providers what to get their brand in front of their customers. 

In-app branding is standard, Smartlife can also provide a branded App in the App Store and Play Store. 

Retirement Villages and health care providers benefit from Smartlife connect platform which can be white-labeled under their brand. Our software team can customise and integrate with your legacy systems as required.  

Connecting and Passive monitoring


  • Passive monitoring

    We want to know that our family members are safe, but we don't want to be intrusive. 

    Smartlife Care uses passive monitoring, Alexa Help commands, and discrete buttons to give multiple options whilst minimising time to alert when someone needs help. 

    Often people are unable to or don't remember how to call for help when needed.


Smart Care Applications


Aged Care Facility

Smart elderly care solutions for retirement and health care facilities.

Empower brand owners to implement a full set of fundamental hardware, software, and service logic. Implementation partners can configure and train. 

Ask us about  API options to enable interoperability with existing systems. 



Creating a dementia-friendly environment & making it easy to do some of the things that are becoming more difficult.

Blind & Low Vision

Alexa commands and tactile buttons can be used to control the living environments.
"Mum settled in really well, considering she never ever wanted to live at home alone. This was due to all technology solutions Smartlife has... it was a special time for me as I could enjoy being a daughter again".

Sarah Williams

Platform Benefits

The Web App can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users, enabling different people to be working collaboratively on a project.


Multi Location

  • Monitor multiple parents and loved ones.
  • Dashboards can include data from multiple locations. 



Multi Protocol

  • Monitoring, control, notifications, logic across multiple protocols and devices
  • KNX, WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, DALI, LoRaWAN, TCP and IR. 

Copy of Untitled (400 × 300mm)

Logic engine

  • One system enables interoperability and logic to access and operate across all equipment.
  • Enables connected devices to talk to each other and automate manual tasks.

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Notification Engine

  • Can create different alert levels on mobile phone or sound other sirens. 
  • Notification escalation. Manage alerts from security alarm and sensors.

Remote configuration

  • Web based system enables configuration and new features can be configured remotely by the appropriate level tech.
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In-App Branding

  • Full white label App and platform re-branding options
Scalability (400 × 300mm) (2)

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Smartlife solutions are a world-first in bringing cost-effective, integrated solutions to mainstream homes, apartments, hotels and businesses.

Our team of experts will support you on every step of the way.

  • Excellence 

    Our customers and our staff - are at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment and passion is driven by quality leadership encouraging a collaborative partnership focused on success.

  • Over a Decade of Experience

    The Smartlife team of top industry professionals bring a wealth of experience to creating the best smart solutions for you.

  • Training

    Enjoy training sessions for your team. Our team will walk you through the processes smoothly.


  • Support


    Email and online technical support to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it.


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