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   Smartlife EV Charging Platform   

EV Charging Platform for multi-unit EV chargers

Smartlife makes charging an electric vehicle simple, equitable, and scalable at any multi-unit property. Our system manages payments, tracks energy usage, and automates all data reporting.

Property Managers  

An affordable way to offer electric vehicle charging at any multi-unit property.

EV Drivers

Smartlife is on a mission to make it so anyone can recharge - wherever they live.


We work with Utilities to make installing, managing, and scaling EV charging cleaner and less impactful on peak demand.

Help save energy, cost, and the planet. 

Smartlife EV charging solution enables all EV chargers and wall outlets to be individually billed and connected to the closest common meter - no need to run each charger back to behind the users' meter.

Manages building load - measures the available capacity and reduces EV load accordingly - available energy is shared to the chargers.

By automatically controlling EV chargers,  these can be scheduled to take advantage of off-peak rates and 'free hour of power' electricity schemes.  The trick is to do this whilst minimising any inconvenience, it's easy to override the Eco Mode switch in the App to charge the EV right now.   

Smartlife Connect App and the Eco Control products are at the forefront of the change to Eco Smart Home or 'Green Smart Home and Business' worldwide trend. See the overview here from NZ Government website.

By buying into the Smartlife EV Platform right now you are not only immediately helping to reduce fossil fuel usage and save money, but you are also all set up to participate in the Energy Demand Response market. 

EVs in a carpark
Smartlife EV Charging

16A outlet for Portable Charger

Cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions at any multi-unit property
  • Our technology platform simplifies electric vehicle charging by reducing installation costs - whether a client is installing a single charger or thousands.

  • Most EV drivers already use Outlets to charge at home; we bring that concept to multi-unit properties. 
  • Through the App you can turn off Eco mode if you need to charge your EV during peak times
  • *Pricing depends on cable runs and other site-specific factors.

7 and 22 kW Chargers

Charges vehicle 3 to 9 times faster than a standard 10A wall socket
  • Faster charging options for larger EVs and people doing higher kw

  • Businesses users can use the larger chargers for the Sales Team or installers that are doing larger km and/or users who spend less time in the office
  • Larger chargers are preferred for Hotels and Motels, especially if there is only a limited number available. 
  • Control from App or swipe card
  • Usage by user by charger is calculated for Billing
Siemems EV charger

EV Charge Smart Commercial

Load Balancing, User management and Billing

EV Charge Smart Commercial - key features
  • Load balancing and billing solutions are required for Apartments, workplaces, hotels and businesses installing bulk EV chargers - chargers can be connected to a common meter and usage calculated for cross-charging. 

  • This cabling and control is installed by one of our approved electricians and is configured to maintain the building within maximum capacity. 
  • Users can control Eco mode and request high priority if they need urgent charge or more power if the system is at capacity
  • Pricing excludes cabling and EV socket or charger. Pricing includes load measurement for 3 phase up to 1000A per phase and control of compatible smart chargers and 15A outlets via Smart Relay. It includes usage breakdown for billing from a single meter.  

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What is it

Smartlife EV Charging solutions for apartments, businesses and hotels are smart, flexible and cost-effective. 

Eliminate complicated schedules - simply switch on Eco Mode to automatically minimises cost and Green House Gas from the non-renewable energy sources often used at peak times. 

Apartment owners require EV charging capability but there is rarely enough spare capacity in the building to support all carparks with fast chargers. The Smartlife load balancing solution solves this problem by controlling how much energy each charger is using. 

Business owners, hotels and motels and businesses that want to maximise their customers' stay are installing EV chargers. Smartlife solutions are smart and easy to use. Our unique intelligent software is designed to minimise costs and harm to the environment by avoiding use of coal and gas when charging. 

Smartlife Energy works with a variety of EV charging systems to provide a wide range of choice - from home and apartment systems through to workplace scenarios, minimising cost and system management. 

The Smartlife user management system makes it easy to authorise access to chargers and optionally allows them to invite other users under that account. This also makes it easy to permanently remove or temporarily restrict access to a charger.  

The Smartlife EV billing system measures on-peak and off-peak usage for billing purposes and reports on usage by carpark or tenant. The enables all the chargers to be run from the same common circuit with one meter, reducing cabling infrastructure costs and meter costs. 

How does it work

Once installed apartment owners and business users can activate any chargers that they are authorised to control through the Smartlife App (some have swipe cards too). They can also share access to others either with or without the ability to on share. 

Users can control the eco mode (eco On for automatic charging or Off to charge asap).

The building owner, building manager or Body corp can see real time loads on the main building and load shedding, access all chargers and obtain usage reports for easy billing. 

The notification and messaging system can be used to report any maintenance requirements and manage resolution. 


The Smartlife App can be easily expanded to control access to the property (home or workplace)

  • Let people into the garage and/or unlock the front door and if required open the gate. 
  • View the optional garage camera to monitor controlling the garage door remotely
  • Unset the alarm
  • Goodbye button to turn off the A/C, lock the doors, set the alarm, turn off the lights, etc

Many apartments and business owners love having a single place to simply grant and revoke access to the EV chargers, door locks, alarm system etc without having to chage codes all the time.

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Smartlife solutions are a world-first in bringing cost-effective, integrated solutions to mainstream homes, apartments, hotels and businesses.

Our team of experts will support you on every step of the way.

  • Excellence 

    Our customers and our staff - are at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment and passion is driven by quality leadership encouraging a collaborative partnership focused on success.

  • Over a Decade of Experience

    The Smartlife team of top industry professionals bring a wealth of experience to creating the best smart solutions for you.

  • Training

    Enjoy training sessions for your team. Our team will walk you through the processes smoothly.



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    Email and online technical support to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it.


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