Why Invest In Smartlife Labs?

Smartlife Platform is the only fully-featured cloud-based platform supporting loT, Smart Home, and Commercial Automation products that are designed for mass deployment and incremental upgrade. The platform can be fully white-label branded and customised which is attractive to high-volume business applications. 

The core platform is developed and tested, ready to scale, reducing timeline and development risk. 

The team has the experience, skills and motivation to succeed. 

Our Mission is to develop “Innovations that Care”.

  • A Smart-Vision company
  • Automated & Simplified
  • Scalable & Secure

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Automated & Simplified platform solution for the IoT segments

Smartlife Platform supports Three B2B sales models:

  1. Rapid deployment of boxed solutions,
  2. Customisation by a worldwide dealer network of systems integrators
  3. White-label fully branded solutions for corporate and large volume companies. 

Interoperable Platform & App

Device agnostic Interaction from multiple devices to get actionable insights.

Configurable Platform

Enables collection, management, and analytics of IoT data - standard or customised.

Data Security & Privacy

Cloud based, unobtrusive privacy with high security.

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