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Smart Business and Commercial Automation

We use the latest technology to simplify your workplace and boost business productivity.

Built with you in mind

The Smartlife Labs team has designed and developed a platform to enable hundreds and thousands of similar solutions to be cost-effectively deployed whilst still enabling customisation of individual sites.

From pre-configured bundled solutions to custom-designed bespoke systems for luxury offices and retailers. 

User manuals, maintenance schedules and warranty information is included with optional access control, security, and building management and control. 


Smartlife Connect offers solutions for businesses of every size, style and location. Modular and expandable over time

Easy to use

Smartlife is the easiest way to make commercial premises smarter, safer and more energy efficient. 


Companies what to get their brand in front of their customers. Cars now come standard with an App, your business should too.

In-app branding is standard, Smartlife can also provide a branded App in the App Store and Play Store. 


Smart Commercial Applications


Access Control and Security

Digital door locks, mag locks and electric door strikes make it easy to  monitor and control who has access and when. CCTV cameras and security alarms can be monitored from the App and notifications on alarm activation are sent to all managers and relevant staff who can escalate, resolve or comment. 

HVAC, Lighting, Energy

Easily control lighting, heat pumps, ducted heating, EV charging and more from App, Alexa or wall switch. Automate lights and HVAC on in the morning, all off and alarm on when last one out and security deterrence. 


Boardrooms and A/V

Smartlife Boardroom / Meeting room solutions showcase how Smartlife Connect platform can be used to solve a common problem, and this solution can then lay the foundation for upgrades through to full building automation. 

Smart Buildings

Integrated access control, CCTV, Security, HVAC, EV charging and billing, pools, lighting, motorised curtains and drapes, background audio, smart boardrooms and A/V.


From site security to access control, CCTV, common areas access, now you can manage the build process and deliver an ongoing branded App engagement to your clients.  


Smart Hotel

Branded App for room access control, climate and entertainment control, compendium, and local attractions.

Smart EV

Maintains electricity usage below building maximum, load shedding and prioritising whilst using off-peak power when possible. Central billing from single meter saves cabling costs.

SME to Corporates

Smartlife Connect is compatible with a wide range of IoT and Smart products, enabling integrated solutions for the widest variety of commercial buildings, retail spaces, and farms.


Apartment Developers

Smartlife Connect is chosen by many apartment complexes new and existing. Control access to the common door, parking and common areas. Building managers can receive flood and smoke detector notifications and access can be granted without master keys. Community information and notification system integrated with all the building and individual Smart Home features.  Smart EV charging and billing.
"These guys have been great to deal with from initial planning through to completion of our new office. The communication has been excellent throughout and the system is as promised, very easy to use."

David Williamson

Connected App Configurator

Smartlife Labs allows installers and systems integrators easily configure the system from anywhere.

  • Product feature

    Some users can invite other people to access their location and they can choose what User Views each person can access and what access level they have:

    • Owners can Add other team members and viewers and can create User Views using the Web App
    • Shareable Viewers can invite other Shareable Viewers.
    • Viewers can access whatever is shared to them but they cannot share it to anyone else.  
    • Installers enrol and configure the compatible products and create User Views, logic and schedules using the Web App.
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Platform Benefits

The Web App can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users, enabling different people to be working collaboratively on a project.


Multi Location

  • Dashboards can include data from multiple locations. 
  • Sensors, controls, security, access control, CCTV.
  • Check lists, procedures and information in one system.

Multi Protocol

  • Monitoring, control, notifications, logic across multiple protocols and devices
  • KNX, WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, DALI, LoRaWAN, TCP and IR.
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Logic engine

  • One system enables interoperability and logic to access and operate across all equipment.
  • Enebles connected devices to talk to each other and automate manual tasks.
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Notification Engine

  • Can create different alert levels on mobile phone or sound other sirens. 
  • Notification escalation. Manage alerts from security alarm and sensors.

Remote configuration

  • Web based system enables configuration and new features can be configured remotely by the appropriate level tech.
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In-App Branding

  • Free in-app branding image
  • Full white-label App and platform re-branding options

Scalability (400 × 300mm) (2)

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Smartlife solutions are a world-first in bringing cost-effective, integrated solutions to mainstream homes, apartments, hotels and businesses.

Our team of experts will support you on every step of the way.

  • Excellence 

    Our customers and our staff - are at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment and passion is driven by quality leadership encouraging a collaborative partnership focused on success.

  • Over a Decade of Experience

    The Smartlife team of top industry professionals bring a wealth of experience to creating the best smart solutions for you.

  • Training

    Enjoy training sessions for your team. Our team will walk you through the processes smoothly.



  • Support


    Email and online technical support to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it.


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Smartlife Connect offers solutions for businesses of every size, style and location.



Explore other Smartlife Solutions

We provide easy to use, integrated smart systems for homes and businesses, giving people access to the benefits of technology whilst removing complexity.

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